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Done leveling

8 Dec

Brief update here.

I hit 85 and turned off the computer.  It took me just over 26 hours.  I didn’t level in the best way (we instance ground with friends for the first good chunk of time) and I stopped for a few hours to grind out some professions and race change to goblin.  That said, 26 hours feels like a decent grind time.  Not the best out there, far from the worst.

Then I went for a run and slept.  Best sleep I’ve had in a while, I might add.  I made myself a real meal (not just salsa or peppermint gum) and drank a lot of water.  And had a shower.  Glorious, glorious showering.

What can I say about the grind?  The instances feel good.  The first few were easy with an ICC heroic geared group (and they should be).  The latter few we did required CC and attention, which was a welcome change.  For an all guild group in vent, doing these for the first time was fun and not painful.  I believe we only ever wiped when we got cocky.  I could see pugging these easily enough in a month.

The questing zones are especially well designed.  Goblins, Worgen, and new race/class combos feel like they’ve always been there (and to a degree, they have).  Uldum feels endless without it hindering your rate of questing.  Twilight Highlands looks beautiful and feels as epic as it should.  Garrosh is growing on me.

That’s all for now.  I have to get raid ready, which is going to be a whole other grind.


Players Abound! Who are you?

24 Jul

Once again it bears mentioning that this week’s postings are inspired, at least in part, by the experience of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. This shall be the last such post, and next week you can look forward to aggressive shadow priest theorycrafting, or at least fewer references to hippie music.

Folk music, but it’s very nature, is somewhat multigenerational. As the music “of the folk” it tends to dwell on the issues of those folk. Everything from a famed older gentleman known simply as Valdie singing about nuclear waste, to a French Canadian gal singing about linguistic disconnection—different times have different issues.

Likewise, with our World of Warcraft, the different eras that players joined the game influence their styles and understanding of the game.

The Vanilla player has longstanding experience with the game, and has likely found some balance in their life.  Once upon a time, they were a part of one of the best raiding guilds, but now they take a more relaxed pace.  Despite this, their numbers are top, they move out of fires before they even spawn, and they “used to pvp a little” (rocking the High Warlord title).  These folks have likely taken long breaks from the game, but on hard progression they’re your best asset.  “You think this was hard?  You should have seen Naxx.  No, I mean the real Naxx.”

The Burning Crusade player calls for CC on a rough trash pull the first night of Ruby Sanctum.  Everyone laughs, saying CC is a crutch.  After the wipe, everyone quietly talks out how to CC the pull.  These players remember raiding when a different group size meant a different raid, and progressed through fights like KT and Sunwell.  Sometimes BC players are just like Vanilla players and are true loyalist.  Of course, with Burning Crusade marking the introduction of “raiding for all” these folks also learned game dynamics during a time when guild hopping was natural and expected.  Be careful that you’re helping these folks meet their personal goals!

The Wrath of the Lich King player really got into raiding recently, but they make up for it with enthusiasm.  They might play a DK, and always wonder why people complain about “boring talents.”  They hate how the Ashen Verdict rep was so “grindy” and wish ICC had more AoE pulls.  Despite being newer to the game, these folks entered at a time where class tools are everywhere, and bad habits are easily broken.  These people are likely to stayl loyal to the folks who helped them get into raiding, or improve their play.  New Wrath players tend to have fewer alts.

I expect the Cataclysm player will have a more balance schedule, more alts, and better class information.  Still, it will take some time for these folks to really crack into the raiding scene.  Guilds hoping to bolter numbers should remember that guild perks added in Cata will build loyalty, and that a player will always feel most at home with the people who helped make her/him better.  Cataclysm promises to be an exciting time; while the work is falling apart, our guilds are only getting stronger!