My Characters

Calsong is my main character and longtime shadow priest.  I keep up with healing theorycrafting and practice, in both disc and holy, but my primary love is for shadow.  I play a priest because I love the duality of light and darkness, faith and nihilism.  I play a blood elf for similar reasons—they’re beautiful and deadly, cruel and creative—and because they’re pretty.  I am most proud of my Insane in the Membrane feat of strength.

Calnee is my paladin, and foray into the world of tanking.  She was leveled from 15 until 80 exclusivelyusing the dungeon finder and only as a tank.  I keep up on how to play retribution and holy (Holy I raid as some times) but this toon was created to give me more perspective on tanking.  I selected a paladin because I’m a mana user at heart, and have grown to love their diverse toolbox.  I am most proud of my I’ve Gone and Made a Mess achievement, as I lead the raid that achieved it and see it as the first time I brought some tanking skills to play.

Calistrata is my affliction warlock.  I leveled her on a bet that affliction could do viable raid dps when everyone was playing destruction.  It can and I do.  She’s a character I have a lot of fun on, but she gets largely ignored.  Playing another dot management class has made me a stronger shadow priest.  I’m most proud of the achievemnet I used to prevent a raid wipe: Ultimate Triage.


2 Responses to “My Characters”

  1. Swampfoxx August 10, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    Hey Calsong, thanks for stopping by my website to read the Dueling in Dalaran trick and leaving a comment. I have to admit your blog has a much cleaner look than mine does. I find that I’m starting to put interesting conetent on my site but the layout is sucking a bit. I mean, I think there are so many posts and messages that are interesting that I have poor linking to.

    Did you just start this blog recently?

  2. Swampfoxx August 10, 2010 at 9:31 am #

    oh yeah, send me an email, I’d like to ask you somethin’

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