Friday Q & A Series

3 Sep

I’ve decided I’m going to officially set aside Friday as a day to answer any and all questions you guys email me or ask more generally.  If you have a burning question you want answered (that you can wait a week for the answer to) post it as a comment here or email me.

WordPress tracks the google searches folks use to get to my blog.  A number of them imply questions, and I thought I should answer a few.  (some just make me giggle).

Google Search: vampiric touch dispel damage in cata

In Cataclysm the talent Sin and Punishment is slated to add a horror effect to dispelling our Vampiric Touch.  They have also removed the damage component from dispelling the horror.  The jury is deliberating on if this will be a run horror, like death coil, or a cower horror, like our Psychic Horror

Google Search: what achievement do you need for icc

I get this search hit often, and the basic answer is none.  Pug will ask you to link as far as you’ve gotten, and honestly is your best policy.  If you’ve accomplished nothing, not even the lower spire, explain that you’ve watched the fights (assuming you have) and offer your services politely.  You might well be taken!

Google Search: world warcraft lesbian

I have a suspicion that the individual making this search was disappointed to find my blog.  First off, I’m only bisexual; my girlfriend is gay.  Sadly, she doesn’t even play WoW (and doesn’t think she’d get into it).  I do know a number of openly gay (and closeted) players in game and on my server.  We form a distinct little community, and I’m always excited to connect with these players (men and women alike)

Email: My gearscore is 5600 and I’m hitcapped.  What should my DPS be?

A lot of the items a shadow priest is going to prioritize are not the top gearscored ones.  This is especially true for trinkets, but choosing correctly itemized pieces of gear in every slot is important.  As an example, I recently helped a priest remove Shard of the Crystal Heart to replace it with Abyssal Rune.  That’s a significant drop in item level, but a major increase in DPS (assuming one remains hitcapped, or finds it in a better way).  Short answer, I don’t know.  Send me your armory link and I can make suggestions.

Email: I notice you’ve been less active with your blog lately.  I’ve enjoyed reading Mind Spike, and hope you haven’t given up on it.

Fair criticism.  I’ve been remarkably busy keeping track of my read life, and my wow-life.  The 4plex I rent had a flood, so major clean-ups and challenges presented themselves.  My guild also recruited a big batch of new players, and I’ve put some time and attention into making them feel like they have a home.  Rest assured, Mind Spike will pick up as soon as my schedule dies down a little.


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