Clever Arena Team Name

26 Jul

3v3 Matches:  Shadow, Frost Mage, Resto Shaman

We began the night with a long drawn out set of matches that had us losing roughly have the matches.  Unfortunately, despite a high MMR, this netted us a slight loss in points.

We’re gradually getting better.  It felt like the first half of the night was all loses, and the second half was all wins.  Its hard to know for certain what we’re doing wrong.  Many strong PvPers I know also have a tendency to lose 3 or 4 games and want to call it.  As far as I’m concerned, there are two ways this can go.

First, you could call it early to avoid tanking your rating.  If one person is having a bad day, or your team just isn’t clicking, there isn’t much point to endlessly losing because of it.

One the other hand, you could be fighting teams you have little experience against.  In this situation, changing tactics and pushing through might be the prudent play.  Also, for folks who work and raid and try to fit WoW in, play time during the week can be limited.  Often, the best thing is to just get in more time with the team, regardless of what that does to rating.

Its hard.  I don’t have a deep enough understanding of play to suggest any one of us is doing something specifically wrong.  I also know both of my arena partners have more work cut out for them on the comp.  PvP is serious business, you see.

2v2 Matches: Enhance Shaman, Shadow Priest

There was a fellow advertising in trade he wanted a shadow priest.  That’s me, the spriest.  There are some marvelous things about this comp.

First, the shear amount of passive healing is stupid strong.  When he’s got wolves going and I’m able to free cast, neither one of us can reasonably be killed.  This state of invincibility lasts for about 45 seconds.  In that space we have to get a kill, and quickly reset.

And let me tell you, the rests are AMAZING.  Hexing a dps or fearing and then having us both able to off-heal is smooth.  I’m glad most teams can’t rest this easily.

Our matches haven’t been a “faceroll to the top” series yet, but we’re learning to play together.  Everything I’ve learned about support and CCing for kills goes completely out the window.  We literally just have to burst, REALLY HARD.

More on success and failures coming soon.


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