Folk Music Festival Inspiration

18 Jul

This weekend I took some time away from WoW and work to spend the better part of four days at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. For anyone who’s never been to a festival of music before, it’s an experience I would recommend.

Seven large stages litter the grounds of Jericho park, which is itself right on one of Vancouver’s more beautiful beaches. The music is wild, crossing genre and culture like a crazy dog breeder who’s decided he’d like to try his hand at making something better.

You’ll be hearing more about this, if you’d care to read. Before I go on at all, I’d like to connect the dots a little for my readers who play WoW as shadow priests and otherwise.

All this week I plan to write articles and concept pieces inspired by this festival. This post is something of a disclaimer, something of a clue at how my mind spikes (see what I did there)?

Like the forecasted spell, I let life throw a few casts my way before releasing what they’ve built up. Looking for inspiration in one’s play is good, but finding it in life breaks us out of our boxes.

My expectation is inspiration works a little differently for everyone. An instructor of mine once said “write what you know, write what you see, and when you run out of that… Just keep writing.”

This week, you’ll be seeing what I see. I promise to continually connect it back to the theme of my blog, so don’t get too worried.


2 Responses to “Folk Music Festival Inspiration”

  1. chui July 19, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    I can’t wait to see your thinking in text. Listening to music, albeit kinds that you probably don’t raid to would be interesting to parlay into a word association, brainstorm, or in your case a blog.

    Hope the weather was wonderful.

    • calsong July 19, 2010 at 11:56 am #

      The Weather was great, but redheads and sun don’t mix. Aloa Vera is about to become my best friend.

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