The Lich King will Answer for his Crimes!

14 Jul

Our guild is working on the Lich King encounter in 25.  Our 10 player group has drakes and has finished every hard mode available, so we have a good group of players.  Our issue is getting them all to show up.  I’m excited that having a soul-numbing and challenging encounter will give us all something new to play with, but I’m concerned about attendance preventing us from getting this kill.

There is a movement in our guild to extend the lockout and give him a week’s effort.  I held off doing this last night to see how far we could get with a dedicated push.  We made it to him with 30 minutes left in our 3 hour long raid.   That’s a lot better than I expected, but a few of the folk in there last night are alts from another guild.  We won’t have them tonight.

We cut back raiding significantly to give everyone a break for the summer.  We’re raiding 25s 2 nights a week, 3 hours a night.  This was a manageable commitment for ICC, but with the hopes of a focused push for the Lich King and still farming the Ruby Sanctum for that hot new loot, I feel like we might need a third night.

I put it to a vote on our forums.  We’ll decide by consensus.  The challenge of any kind of leadership role is your accountability to your team.  As a raid leader and an officer, I’m here to make this game more enjoyable for 24 other people.  When they’re happy, I’m happy.

We’ll see what tonight brings.  I have mentally prepared myself for weeks of wiping and re-assessing.  


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