Warlock DPS: Affliction

11 Jul

My first alt is a warlock.  According to WoW Census the number one shadow priet alt is a warlock.  In light of this I figured I should cross post this.  I’ll be posting my own, spriest version soon.

A remarkably talented guild-mate of mine recently wrote a series of articles for the raiding ‘locks and ‘lock alts in our guild.  Notlupus is experienced in all specs, does his own SimCrafting, and looks pretty foxy in his forum pictures!  Posted below are his suggestion for Affliction basics.  The only changes made are for formating reasons.


Current top dps tree for locks in T10 gear, this tree focuses on DoT effects and self-healing.

Stat weighing in tier 10 gear is as follows:

  • SP=2.3051
  • Haste=2.0663
  • Crit=1.4784
  • Spi=1.2660
  • Int=0.5434

Haste outweighs crit by a fair margin, and will always do so.  Spirit is pretty close to crit due to the use of Glyph of Lifetap and our Fel Armor effect, more on that later.


For talents, afflic generally takes 56/0/15. You have 3 points to move around in theIts like Homeward Bound, but the puppy is uglieraffliction tree depending on the amount of hit from your gear, offering it greater flexibility than demonology or destruction.

56/0/15 with suppression

56/0/15 without suppression

You have some flexibility with the improved lifetap or improved drain soul, though I generally find the threat reduction to be more helpful.


Glyph of Quick Decay
Your haste now reduces the time between periodic damage ticks of your Corruption spell.

The primary reason why haste scales so well for affliction now. More haste = more ticks.

Glyph of Life Tap
When you use Life Tap or Dark Pact, you gain 20% of your Spirit as spell power for 40 sec.

This brings our total spell power from spirit to 50%. A must have.

Glyph of Haunt
The bonus damage granted by your Haunt spell is increased by an additional 3%.

This bumps Haunts bonus damage for DoTs to 23%. Incredibly sexy.


The affliction rotation is more like a priority list, though your opening casts should follow an order. It goes as follows.

To open
Lifetap > Shadowbolt > Haunt > Unstable Affliction > Curse of Agony > Corruption

Corruption > Haunt > UA > CoA > Shadow Bolt

Generally speaking, you just spam shadow bolt and refresh your UA and COA as needed, as well as your lifetap. If there is no boomkin or UH DK in the raid, and no demo or destro lock to be the Curse of Elements bitch, then it falls on you to apply it before any other spell. Curse of Agony averages to about 8% of your damage, versus the 13% increase from Elements, not to mention the raid increase.


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