Save a Dragon: PVP

10 Jul

I’ve been doing 3s as shadow, frost mage, rshaman with two very talented PVPers.  Their respective mains are Holy paladin and Arms warrior, on which they’ve played together a lot.

My gear is solid.  My performance is getting better.  We’ve reached a place where they’re both getting used to the toolboxes of these new classes they’ve rolled.  A few nights ago we broke 1800 and called it for the week.  Next week, with new weapons in the hands of each of my partners, we’ll push for 2k.

Its baby steps.  I’m not a Glad, but I study hard and I’ve got the theory well worked out.  The team doesn’t rely on my, so much as it depends on the strong play of my two partners, but I want to contribute every possible global I can.

After running frost mage / shadow priest twos for a while tonight I grabbed a rogue new to our guild and did dome 2s with him.  He’s new to serious arena, and I’m new to playing with a rogue, so we both did some learning.


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