Account Hackers

9 Jul

Within my guild lately there have been a rash of hacks. My priest-apprentice is the most recent, and losing a player from a week of raiding because of it sucks for all involved. One of our best hunters also got sideline, and not because he wasn’t 100% committed to being there.

Getting hacked is rough, but I wanted to outline a few of the things you can and should do.

Use an Authenticator

You were not prepared!

This is a small, subsidized device you can purchase from Blizzard.  Just to be clear, that means they lose money on selling it, but make money on having to employ fewer people to fix hacked accounts.  There is also a free app for the iPhone or a droid device.  There is no excuse not to have one of these babies.  They DRAMATICALLY reduce your odds of having your account compromised.

There are ways to still have your account hacked with one of these.  That isn’t a reason not to have one.   You wouldn’t leave your money out in the open, just because someone broke into a bank safe once, would you?

In addition to all of this, you get a lovely Core Hound Pet.  I’ve talked to guilds who make all their core raiders take out Core Hound pets for regular inspections at guild meetings, just to prove they have the add/keychain.  I’m not recommending this, but if you’re serious at all about your raiding, this is a much have device!

Practice Safe Interneting

Use a non-standard browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox over Internet Explorer.  Don’t install anything you aren’t 100% sure about, and never click a link in an email “sent to you by blizzard.”  Be cautious about links on wow-Fansite forums.  I’m a modern girl and I respect that the vast community of internet goers watched and enjoys pornography.  Do it safely.  Use Firefox with Addblock+, or better yet, use a different computer.  Think twice about logging into anything that asks your for your Bnet email, and always use a different password from your wow-password.

Moreover, change your password regularly.  And use one that has capital letters, numbers, and special symbols.  Don’t ever give your WoW password out, for any reason at all. Use the same rules for the email address password associated with your battlenet account.

If you are Hacked

Phone Blizzard.  There’s an hour long hold, and you may be hung up on or disconnected.  You may have to call in 10 times, but phone them.  Sure, open a ticket in game.  Then phone them.  The restoration process will begin a lot faster if you do.

Clean off your computer. is solid.  Assume your system’s virus protection is no longer working, and uninstall it before cleaning your system off.  Then, install a working virus program.  There are two types of people who get themselves into trouble using computers.  The folks who know too little, and the folks who know too much.  Don’t get hacked twice in a row.

Change your password.  Change your password on your email address too.

Wait.  This is the hardest part, but restorations can take as long as a week.  Brace yourself for some ridicule, but remember everyone who’s making fun of you either has been hacked, or likely will.  Statistically everyone playing WoW gets hacked if they’re playing for over a year.  I’ll let that sink in.  That’s a lot of hackers, trying very hard.

So You’ve Got All Your Stuff Back, eh?

Check everything that has been restored to you carefully.  If Blizzard didn’t give something back, they aren’t punishing you.  They forgot.  Your warlock didn’t get any of his stuff back, but your 11 other toons are fine?  I expect they forgot.  Open another ticket.

Good luck, and I hope you never endure this (or at least never endure it twice)


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