Link GS and Achievement, 10 ICC

5 Jul

“LF1M DPS for 10 ICC.  Starting fresh with a good group.  Link Gearscore over 5500 and achievements.”

Does your trade chat look like this?  Let’s examine the claim being made, why its being made, and to what degree its making runs easier.

First, this individual is setting up a PUG.  For anyone who uses the term without understanding it, that a Pick Up Group.  The implication is he may no nothing about these players, their skill, the knowledge they have of certain fights, etc.  All the recruiting raid leader (let’s call him Frank) knows after you send him a tell is how much gear you have, and what achievements you have completed.

Now, if you link Frank an achievement, what’s the worst case for him?  Its possible you got carried through that level of content and are a terrible player.  Its also possible that you’re a 6 year old girl (odd much higher if you play alliance) playing her dad’s toon.  Much more likely than either of these situations, he’s going to get a player who has at least seen the content.

What’s the worst case for you?  Well, you could have the “Bane of the Fallen King” title on your main, but be playing an alt.  You could be gearing your first toon, have studied the fights and watched every available video, talked to anyone you know who’s completed it, and be trying to get some first-hand experience.  Pugs are a bad place for that, and I would recommend getting a guild for such experiences.  If it’s all you can do, try explaining this to Frank.  Often, pug leaders will appreciate the honesty and still take you.

The gearscore demon is another challenge.  What’s the worst case for Frank?  Either he can’t fill his run, or he gets bad players who are padding their own gearscores with incorrect upgrades.  For you, this means you should whisper Frank, explain you only have a 5200 gearscore, but that if he needs people you’re there and that you know your stuff.  Likely he’ll take you.

Gearscore gives him a benchline of your playskill, and of the content you’ve done.  You cannot have a 5500 GS without time spent in ICC, so he knows you’ve done enough raiding to get loot out of there.  It isn’t a great way to weed through players, but it works decently for pugs.

The best way to get members for a group is from Friend lists, and good pug leaders do that.  Try to be knowledgeable but not pushy, and friendly but focused.  The gal who topped meters and knew all the fights despite having a low gearscore is going to get invited back!


8 Responses to “Link GS and Achievement, 10 ICC”

  1. Shiva July 6, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    Mentioning of GearScore is almost signs of a guarantee deny from my guild. We roll with the assumption good players already know how terrible GayScore is, so mentioning or bringing it up means it’s a player we don’t want or need.

  2. calsong July 6, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

    I’d disagree with you, on a few points. Gearscore is a bad way to get into a guild, but its a one word benchmark of your progression. It isn’t the only one, and it can be wrong to an extent, but it tells you a little bit of something.

    RE: Gayscore, I’m not a fan of people using “gay” when they mean stupid. I mean, my girlfriend is gay, and as a bi person I identify with it somewhat. Yeah, its just a word, but words have real power.

  3. Shiva July 6, 2010 at 7:57 pm #

    It’s a benchmark of ilvl though, not progression or anything of the sort. In fact, you can level your Gearscore by just getting pvp items — no progression at all.

    I suppose, I don’t really oppose anything in your post; as it’s very informative to circumvent this demon infection. But yes, I view gearscore as nothing more than a demonic infection that needs to die.

    I am sorry for coming off as such a belligerent though. I am of the opinion though GearScore won’t die unless the community itself tries to kill it and murder it in it’s sleep with a pillow.

  4. calsong July 6, 2010 at 9:07 pm #

    ilvl is a sort of progression, as it indicates what you have done certain content.

    PvP items can trick it a little bit. There’s a limit to how much of that you can do, so I tend to look for Gearscore ranges when setting up a pug on one of my alts. If someone is between 5 and 6k gearscore, they can’t be faking more than 200 of it with the wrong items.

    I still recommend inspecting folks, but for setting up a quick run, Gearscore is a handy crutch.

  5. Dyre42 July 13, 2010 at 11:46 am #

    “You cannot have a 5500 GS without time spent in ICC,”

    My Hunter was at 5500gs when he went into ICC. You can actually have a higher GS than that without ever having downed a raid boss. It’ll just cost you a ton of money and frost badges:

    ilvl 264 frost badge chest, belt, and trinket, 264 crafted pants and boots, 264 boe ring and necklace off the AH, 3 pieces 251 tier 10 badge gear, Farm ICC trash for rep ring to exalted for 277 ring, buy 264 gun off of AH if your class can use it, crafted 245 bracers, 245 triumph badge trinket, and a 232 weapon will get you to around 5900gs.

    • calsong July 13, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

      The level of dedication you describe is an extreme example. In my mind, its also evidence of a very dedicated player who probably knows their class well and has taken the time an energy to obtain such items. Before I take an alt into ICC, I do all of this. Putting your best foot forward is the best plan.

      That said… you’re math is wrong. Assuming a player has considerable time in pre-ICC raids and has 245 items in every slot other than what you mentioned above, and that they are a warrior tank able to use the gun listed, they end up with an item level just over 5700.

      Playing along with your extreme example of no time in ICC, this gearset assumes roughly 17 full clears of all the trash up to Marrowgar. Is assumes a ton of frost badges farmed, roughly 47k gold invested (on my server’s average market prices), and countless hours of non-ICC raid time.

      My point stands: “I still recommend inspecting folks, but for setting up a quick run, Gearscore is a handy crutch.”

      • Dyre42 July 13, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

        It is an extreme example. But you made an absolute statement about what gs was possible without running ICC. I was only out to prove a point. I made 5500 GS without ICC because the RNG gods were kind to me in VoA and a well heeled friend quit the game and gave me all of his gold and a completely unbelievable amount of farmed materials. Incidentally he wiped on the spousal boss. Go figure.

        I’m finding that inspecting puggers has become mandatory since this far into the expansion anyone that has run their daily random and weekly raid quest religiously can easily have a 5.2 GS. But almost half of the puggers I’m seeing have gemmed and enchanted on the cheap if they have gemmed and enchanted at all. Fortunately the latest version of GS now shows gems and enchants. So much faster than inspecting or armory-ing people

        One last thing: Rowan’s Rifle is the best ranged weapon for a hunter prior to ICC due to its damage range being significantly higher Than any other weapon outside of ICC.
        The downside is you will almost never get into a pug raid with it equipped and you’ll take a lot of flack from players that haven’t done their homework who like to inspect people just so they can criticize them.

  6. calsong July 14, 2010 at 8:34 am #

    Your point is made. I was remiss in my earlier claim. Rowan’s Rifle is like a lot of PVP gear we see floating around. Its a major upgrade from what was previously in that slot, but it should be treated as an item of lower iLvl than it displays. A lot of the itemization is wasted, which is what folks get upset that judging you on an absolute number doesn’t work anymore.

    I appreciate it when folks whisper me when setting us PUGs saying, “5.8k GS, but I’m using a few healer items/pvp pieces/offset weapons because they were upgrades over old items.” This sort of honesty takes you a long way.

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