Battlegrounds and Leadership: How Can We Do Better?

30 Jun

In response to this shared topic, and because we’re all going to be taking BGs a lot more seriously in Cataclysm’s rated environment, I thought we’d talk today about the Battleground leader (aka, that person with a different font colour who is allegedly in charge).

Much like a randomly formed party from a dungeon finder, or even a pugged raid, it is possible for the “leader” to do little or nothing.  In fact, this is common in BGs.  That said, the most effective environments have someone stepping up to take some ownership.

If this could be you (and it can be!), know that your role is never to scold, belittle, tell-off, or insult other players.  Far too much of that already happens in a Battleground of anonymous players.  No one wants to play with a second mum telling them what to do.  Don’t be that person.AV is Serious Business

A good leader gives the group some helpful direction and effective knowledge.  “Blacksmith is undefended.  Can one person stay at mine, and the rest go for blacksmith?”  A leader also knows when to quit.  If the entire team in EotS is camping the flag location, don’t ramble at them about how bases are the key to victory.  Gently remind them they’ll need a base to cap, and try to help figure out which one or ones that will be.

Don’t be afraid to thank people, especially healers.  Folks who assist in your directions and goals deserve some gratitude, and a quick, “great job on defense guys.  Nice heals!” goes a long way.

In closing, there is a lot of good one can do as any sort of leader, but only if you serve those you’re leading.  Be an inspiration, not a director, and guide—don’t bully.

Happy Ganking!


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