Midfield Madness!

21 Jun

This is a topic I struggled writing about.  I’m not a big footballer/soccer fan (we Canadians say both).   But blogging a shared topic is about being out of one’s element, and I’m going to give it my best effort.

First of all, blood elves obviously win a World of Warcraft Cup.  The ability to AoE silence other fans is OP in such events.   Rather than write about exactly that, I’m going to use the metaphor of football to examine the role of a shadow priest.

Your forwards or strikers are your rogues, hunters, and mages. Healers occupy the roles of defense, preventing a game from ending because of your own team’s failure. In a raid, a tank often feels like a goalie: when she’s doing her job well, folks rarely take notice; if she messes up, the entire team notices.

In this metaphor, a shadow priest is an aggressive midfielder.  She knows the strengths of her forwards and when to get them the assist.  She also knows when to play back, help out the defender, and play a stable game.

Like said midfielder, an spriest is strong when mobile. She repositions with ease, and controls her lane.  A priest’s Shadow Word: Death, ticking DoTs, and prudent use of Devouring Plague spam are as effective as a midfielder’s rapid and preemptive sprints.

Defenders appreciate a good mid’s ability to help them out through offensive push, just as our healer thank us for our Vampiric Embrace.   If all goes to hell, we can hop back and help them.  If we are on the offensive and winning, we are right up there with the rogues.

PvP is much the same.  We play to our strengths as a hybrid of forward and defender.  We keep a match under control, and on a rare occasion we might even score a goal or two.

As you watch the football (as I believe everyone should, at least once), consider how great midfielders play. You are not the team, but you are a critical part of it.


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