Father’s Day Shout to My GM

20 Jun

Happy Father’s day, folks!  I’d like to use this Hallmark holiday to give special congratulations to my GM, and to thank him for his patience with me.  He’s recently received a wonderful pair of twins; he and his wife have been largely sucked away from this game to learn how to be parents (I hear there’s an achievement for that).

I’m sure my blog paints a different picture, but I’m not always the easiest person to work with.  I’m smart, but once I think I have the right answer I can be more than a little insistent about it.  I sleep very little, so I can take on too many officer responsibilities and rock the boat.  I’m certain my GM has been in tell-hell a few times because of me, and now that I’m an officer I doubly understand the frustrations of “those uppity members with a hundred issues.”

Our GM has taught me a lot about raiding.  He’s been a patient and understanding leader, and I credit him with any tanking skill I may have developed.  He’s been the father-figure our guild has needed for almost 4 years.  And even when required to step away due to a dramatic real-life change, he’s been a constant voice of wisdom and support on our forums.

This is his first Father’s Day, and if the knowledge and growth he’s imparted to me as a player is any reflection of how he’ll parent, his two beautiful girls are going to have an amazing life.

Thank you, Kast.


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