Why Healers Are Our Friends

15 Jun

Healers are our unwitting servants friends.  In a clutch situation, you need to know a healer has your back.  Triage is a game healers play together.  It goes something like this:

Healer:  Okay… main tank prevents me from getting stuffed in the face, healing her.  The other healers are getting low on HP, we’re part of a team together, I’ll heal them.  DPS who need heals too much… /sigh… I’ll heal them.  Are the dps I like doing fine?  Yes, good.  Oh-shit-I’m-running-out-of-health-self-heal.  Repeat.

The complication with the above is, while a good healer will heal the most damaged person first, this means going down that list takes longer for them.  Contrary to popular believe, if a tank or a healer dies, it is often the fault of the dps in the raid.

So, how do we move from being a distraction to a quick glance?  Its really not that challenging.  Foremost, as shadow priests we constantly heal ourselves for a significant percentage of our damage.  This should make us low on the “needs to be healed” list to begin with.  This will also make us stand out if we’re foolish, for good healers will know all about our passive heals.

Use dispersion as a survivability cooldown. Two lessons here: dispersion is not for mana; dps can use survivability cooldowns just like tanks.  If you think you’re gonna die, don’t.  If you need to run through a fire, do so safely by protecting yourself.  This is a simple lesson, but I constantly see people on my team failing to make full use of their respective class’s toolboxes.

Don’t stand in the fire. Pretty basic lesson, but applying it takes some attentiveness.  Don’t turn with the keyboard, and key-bind important abilities (at the very least, the ones you’d use while moving).  Use DMB if it helps.  Don’t if it doesn’t.  If a fellow teammate is moving out faster than you, or taking less damage, ask them how.

Help your healers and they help you. In a pug I once offered a healer 10g to keep me alive.  It was a joke and the money is insignificant (I have gold capped twice and will post on it later), but the point is I cared about her role in the raid enough to comment.  Healers regularly save your life.  In exchange, you kill the bosses to win them shiny new epics.  That’s a pretty sweet deal, so respect the relationship.

Know positioning.  All dps should know where they’re going to stand (what range apart from each other, perhaps?) and where they’re going to more to (5 yards back when a fire drops, and still 10 yards away from Bob over there—he smells).  But its pull o’clock and do you know where your healers are?  They’re in healing range of the tanks, and they’re spread out.  Who’s near you?  Did you spend last night insulting their mother over voice chat?  These are good questions to ask when you have a heroic blood beast bearing down on you.

Know how your healers work and help them any way you can.  You’re not the world’s greatest off healer or the guy who saved the raid by hopping out of shadowform to flash heal once.  But you are the person who bought the healer an extra global or two by being unnoticeably green on healbot.


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