15 Jun

Last night I spent some time on my paladin tank in a 10 ICC pug.  Now I’ll be the first to admit, tanking isn’t a natural fit for me and my priest will always be my first love.  Conversely, it is because of this that I’ve given a significant amount of attention to mastering paladin tanking.  I’m not the best, by far, but I am good.  I don’t have a 6100 gearscore, but I do have 5858 (or something close).  I use all my abilities appropriately to help healers and make myself a stable part of triage.

This pug, billed as “Link Kingslayer, doing Hard Modes, paladin or druid tank and shadow priest who can go holy for some fights” seemed promising enough to take my pally into.  (I leave my priest unsaved to do a guild HM run).  The group had about 6 really solid people, ready and able to do heroic modes.  It also had four other people.

As an exercise in how important each person is in a 10 player group, this run speaks volumes.  The only heroic mode we did was gunship, which we wiped on because folks didn’t dps the riflemen.  Even the non-heroic modes created some challenges.

Part of the issue is the disconnect between very skilled players and newer ones.  I’d consider myself the former, but I clearly remember being the latter.  Most great players have been farming ICC since launch and wouldn’t even think about needing to point out “dps riflemen if you’re ranged.”  As a paladin tank, I use any ranged abilities I have when waiting to jump over on them, and try to group some up for AoE when tanking Bronzebeard.  The failing of the seasoned players is their expectations.

I wish every 10 icc clicked and killed 12/12.  Sadly, this takes some real leadership.  Our group had some solid people, but it was missing that synergy.


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