13 Jun

I’ve lately been getting into some arenas.  I’ve had the fortune of knowing a few extremely skilled PvPers, one of whom carried me to 1800 in 2v2s to get my Wrathful weapon.  I’m doing great in terms of gear, and consistently top the BGs, but my arena play isn’t where it should be.

I dueled a destro lock and won twice, although only barely.  Trouble was, he was wearing terrible gear.  In that sense, he outplayed me, and I felt small and silly.

Lock: You’re pretty terrible, but its okay cause I know you’re a pve person
Me: I won
Lock: yeah, but only barely.  Who carried you to 1800?

I’m not sure how he knew me, or who’s alt he was.  It doesn’t really matter, as the point is, he was right.  I got but-hurt about it, but he has a real point.  I need to duel more and get better.  I need to understand other class’s toolboxes, and better use my own.  I guess this is the sort of thing that just come with time…


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