I Don’t Care if It’s Red Anymore

13 Jun

99/100 mounts.  For a player who started shortly after the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, that’s not bad.  To get to this place, I’ve also managed to solo the packs of mobs before the first boss in AQ40 as a shadow priest.  I’m likely not the first to do this, but for anyone not in the “know” AQ40 drops several mounts usable only in that raid.  They’re some kinda-cute bugs, and the drop chance of most of them is as high as 15%

Not this guy.  He’s red.  Like the class sport’s car a gentleman buys when he realizes he has an income but no life to speak of, this particular bug symbolizes how much time you’ve wasted.  More to the point, how much time one would have to waste on these first few pulls in AQ40.  Nevertheless, as a solo-able mount with its own Feat of Strength attached to it, Calsong the Insane, shadow priest and stubborn female, choose to devote some aggressive farm-time to it.

I make it sound more bleak than it is.  I walked in with 97/100 mounts and was able to get the yellow and blue ones pretty quickly.  I already had the green one from when our guild held a meeting in AQ40 last year.

For a 40 player raid, I expect AQ must have felt epic.  The Anubisath Sentinels (the packs of 4 adds one must solo to get these bugs) are huge and move like impending death.  They make the kind of noises you’d expect: a cross between an angry guard dog and a giant, animated, statue.  The first time I pulled them I just tried to multi-dot them all.  Usually that works, as extra healing from Vampiric Embrace extends my survivability a whole heck of a lot.  After I spell reflected a Vampiric Touch on to myself and got three-shot, I decided to look into it a little more.

The mobs each bring an ability to the table, and once one dies he transfers it to each of the other ones and heals them to full.  The abilities are chosen from a pool, but there are a few dangerous ones to look out for.

Spell Reflecting all Shadow/Frost spells  –  This is a game over one for us.  They hit us too hard and do too much damage to simply smite them down out of shadowform, so if we get this ability on a pack we have to kill the other three and then zone out, letting this guy de-spawn.  Don’t worry, the dead bodies of the other three will be lootable when you re-enter, and you’ll have another pack of 4 to pull

Mortal Strike, periodically  –  This isn’t terrible, but it does mean you have to be careful.  I’d try to avoid killing the add with this buff first, as it ups your mortality rate.

Mana Burn, periodically  –  Glyphed for Dispersion (I’ll explain why in a moment) this isn’t terrible.  It can still put you in a bind, so a void it if the other two aren’t causing issues.

Knockback, periodically  –  Not really that bad.  If I get tis, I count my blessings it isn’t an MS or a Spell Reflect

Heal over Time  –  At first I thought this would be an issue, but it isn’t that bad.  The heal can be damaged through easily with our dots, and only happens every 3 seconds or so.  Just keep all of our dots up, and hope you don’t get this plus Mana burn, as that can require some trickiness.

How to do it:  Okay, the pull is somewhat important.  From max range, VT and MB the closest add.  Then, as you turn around and run, throw up plague, SW:Pain, and SW:Death.  This gives maximum distance and damage before they get to you.  If your mob gets to below 30% before you get below 50%, puss through him with MFs and take one of them out.  If not, dispersion with all your dots up to heal yourself (through VE) and get some more damage in.  You’ll likely do this on every cooldown of Dispersion, so I’d recommend using the glyph.  For the next mob, three of them beating on you isn’t going to kill you as fast as four, but you’ll need another trick.  I dot up the next add completely and then pop shadowfiend and fade.  The mobs attack your fiend, giving you time to get in some damage, kill an add, or throw up a heal if needed.  I recommend Prayer of Mending and renew, then getting back to dpsing.  Throughout all of this, you want to use PW:Shield on cooldown.

Two mobs isn’t bad, and you can kill the last guy or just reset it.  I’ve been doing this for 3 hours, and the RNG Gods aren’t loving me.  I’m going to give up on the red dooder, and just go do Argent Tourny dailies for that last mount.  To the rest of you, good luck!


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