Just When We All Started to Worry

12 Jun

Shadow Tree
Shadow priests should not be able to pick up every point in Shadow without giving up anything else attractive. That’s not how we want talent trees to work. It just looks like that for the time being so that we can get the priest playable.

[…] Right. If there are a lot of choices and you can’t possibly get everything, then it’s a good talent tree. We’d define bloat as say a tree in which the mid-tiers offer nothing interesting or effective such that you just have to pick up some almost at random to get down to talents you actually want. Really though “bloat” just gets so overused on the boards that you’d be a lot more effective in giving feedback describing specific talent choices that you feel aren’t fair rather than the somewhat generic “make this 5 pointer 3 points so I can get more stuff” posts that I’m reading a lot of tonight.

As far as Shadow, I would anticipate a few more talent points in Shadow itself or else some more attractive talents in mid-Disc (it wouldn’t take much to make Archangel work for instance), or both.

This fills me with some confidence.  I don’t like to jump up and down right away, but I was slightly concerned.  This reminds me that Blizzard has been designing games we all love for a long time.  They know what they’re doing, they know what’s fun, and they’re going to act accordingly.

Not enough folks give Blizz props when they do get it right.


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